... His pianistic style resembles Mr. Arrau's in more than one way. He draws a noble, full-bodied sound, relying on the weight of the hand and arms rather than the percussive finger strokes. Temperamentally, his approach combines passion and sobriety. The artist knows how to intensify his delivery without distorting tone or line, relying on phrase distension rather than increasing speed or volume. Mr. Bravo has a big enough technique to tackle the 'Pictures at an Exhibition' (Moussorgsky) without hesitating and he offered a wonderful performance.

New York Times

The reading of the 'Funérailles' revealed the quality of Roberto Bravo, not just as a virtuoso, capable of overcoming the greatest difficulties of mechanism, but his interpretation showed his amazing expressive temperament giving to Liszt a special poetic atmosphere.

El País, Barcelona

'he has many attributes, but he excels in strength, agility and vivid imagination. Mr. Bravo's virtuossism and sound colour were striking in the Sonata for Piano from Ginastera.

The Times, London

... The interpretation of the Polonaise in C Minor Op. 42 showed immediately the main characteristics of Roberto Bravo's 'pianism': a strong emotional flow, feeling for a vast range of colourful dynamics and technical virtuosity.

Leipziger Vilkszeitung, Leipzig

... He is one of those pianists who belong to the latest generation who understands music as a phenomenon which goes beyond the circle performer/instrument. Bravo always showed an undeniable technical preparation: powerful, hardworking and practically infallible.

La Vanguardia, Barcelona

... A brilliant technique completely rendered towards musical expression.

Goteborgs-Posten, Goterborg

... His performance was powerful and brilliant (Grieg, Concerto in A Minor)

Herald, Melbourne

Superlatives are barely adequate to describe this talented pianist. Mr. Bravo produces a sound which is beautiful and controlled, rich and warm. Even in passages where fortissimos or pianissimos are required, his sound never loses its quality and strength. Mr. Bravo ended his performance with a stunning presentation of Carnaval Op. 9 from Schumann, displaying a whole range of expressiveness.

Courier Post, New Jersey

...With powerful technique and vigorous rhythm, The Pictures from Moussorgsky were interpreted in a stunning and imaginative manner.

Daily Telegraph, London

... Roberto Bravo produced a strong emotional impact with his transparency and depth of thought during his first visit to Sophia.

Narodna Kultura, Sofía


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